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Personal Styling Service

Wether you are in need of being dressed for an occasion, require a seasonal wardrobe update or full on wardrobe overhaul, we got you. Book a one on one styling session with our stylist and feel empowered and confident. 

Hi, My name is Sabrina  Desjardins

I am a fashion stylist for both women and men. Having been in the fashion industry for several years, I have developed a passion and in-depth knowledge of silhouettes, colors, and, most importantly, styling. My journey began with studies in fashion design and fashion marketing. Subsequently, I acquired various skills while working with multiples fashion brands in Montreal and  also the Toronto Kids Fashion week  or differents fashions shows. I used to work for Laura Canada’s as an assistant stylist and as a e-comm stylist, I did work with Sports Experts and Rudsak. I learn a lot about the luxurious retail too, I worked for Holt Renfrew and also for Saint Laurent Paris ,these two brands have allowed me to learn more about the knowledge of luxury and everything and the details to the product.

Having worked for different companies in the fashion Industry I quickly developed an eye for detail and precision.  Over time, I have dressed and work with celebrities, influencers, CEO, I styled for multiples music videos, learn a lot about customs suits, and more.I have built my own clientele over the years, and to name a few, I dress Kena Tchiteya, a beauty influencer, the rapper Dunni, and the influencer Christine Lambrinos, also known as Stylish Foolish. My goal is to educate you more about everything related to the fashion industry, but especially about styling. It's important for me that your style reflects your personality and, above all, enhances your features. 

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Please email us for booking and pricing.

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