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Frequently Asked Questions

You've Got Questions. We've Got Answers.

How does the bag rental process work?

You can rent a bag of your choice,  by booking it online, and selecting , date , time and pick up location. When you pick up your bag , you will need a piece if ID and to fill out the rental contract.

What designers and brands do you carry?

We carry an array of designers such as Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, St-Laurent, Bottega Venetta, Paco Rabanne etc. We are continously adding new brands to our collection.

How long can I rent a bag for?

You have a choice of booking a bag for 3 or 7 days.

What is the rental fee and are there any additional costs?

There is no extra rental fee aside from the booking fee.  We do charge 30$ a day for late returns and 50$ for certain small damages.

Is there a membership or subscription required?

You do not require a membership or subscription to rent a bag from Coo de Luxe.

How do I care for the rented bag?

It is important to take care of these beautiful designer bags and be mindful of make up and products that spill or have ink.  We ask that our customers not try to fix or clean the bag on their own and to contact us at in order to best manage the situation.

Can I purchase a bag after renting it?

If you fall in love with the bag  and would like to purchase the bag,  you can always email us and we will get back to you if it is an option. 

What if the bag gets damaged during my rental period?

We do not charge for genre wear and tear. For minimal damages, we charge 50$. For any major damages, they will have to evaluated and you will be charged the cost of repair. Should the bag be damaged beyond repair you will have to pay for the present value of the bag. 

What is considered major and not normal wear & tear?

The following as these are not considered normal wear and tear:

Makeup,Moisture,Liquids,Inks (including but not limited to, pens, markers, etc), Paints,Sharp objects, Dirt or grime,Grease,Oil,Perfume,Food, Strong variations in temperature,

Excessive sunlight,Humidity, Impact/shock

Types of damages that are charged:

Stained, marked or damaged interiors or exteriors; Ripped leather or exteriors from scraping against a sharp object; 

Ripped or scrapped interiors from cleaning, sharp objects or excessive force; 

Excessive damage to corners or bottom of bag outside of normal wear and tear, due to scuffing on the floor etc; 

Excessive force, stretching, squeezing or squashing the bag so that it loses its shape beyond what is considered normal and reasonable; Unreasonable and excessive damage to straps, chains or zips that cannot be considered normal wear or manufacturing defaults.

What happens in case of loss or theft?

 In case of loss or theft, you must first contact us at so that we may take the appropriate action. You will be charged with the present value of the bag.

What measures are in place for bag authenticity?

At Coo de Luxe , we  prioritize  and guarantee authenticity. We either purchase our handbags directly from the designer brand vendors, or by authorized third party pre-loved vendors.

How often do you update your inventory?

We continuously updated our curated collection of designer handbags . Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to know when about our new bag drops.

What if I change my mind after placing an order?

Once you have picked up the bag, you can not return or exchange the bag.

Can I cancel or modify my rental order?

You may cancel or modify  your order 48 hours prior to your pick up date. After that date, you will be charged 100% of the booking fee.

How do I contact customer support?

Fell free to contactus at and we glady will answer any questions you may have!We will

get back to you within  1 business

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