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Chanel New Medium Base Shaper

Chanel New Medium Base Shaper

Finish & Colour : Premium Leather Midnight Black                  


Say goodbye to sag and hello to our new handbag base protectors! Protect your handbag, re-enforce it's natural shape and create more room! Our range of top-quality handbag base protectors have been created specifically to fit and gently enhance a range of designer brand handbags to protect your arm candy and maximise it's use. Choose from either our vegan leather, luxury velvet suede - match your base shaper to your handbags interior or change it up entirely!


  • Prevents Sag: Our base shapers are made with precision, to fit each exact handbag perfectly, supporting it's natural shape
  • Maximises Room Whilst Taking Up Minimal Space: Being just 1-2mm in depth our base protectors ensure no space is wasted
  • Reinforces Your Handbags Natural Shape
  • Bespoke: Enjoy a range designed and created with precision where every base protector is customised for the perfect fit.
  • Protects Interior & Base
  • Brightens Up Dark Interiors: Colour match to your handbags interior or brighten up dark interiors with our range of colours
  • Prevents Any Chain Straps From Damaging Base Of Bag Whilst In Storage: The base of your handbag will now be protected from any storage related damage
    Excluding GST/HST
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