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LV Twist Belt Bag Hardware Protector

LV Twist Belt Bag Hardware Protector

Whether you love your Louis or you'd die for your Dior, one thing all handbag lovers will agree on is scratches and scuffs are a no-go. Protect your much-loved handbags & accessories with our range of premium hardware protectors, created to specifically fit a range of popular handbags & accessories. 

Designed to protect against scratches and scuffs, keep your bag looking newer for longer, increase the resale value of your bag and ultimately extend its lifespan. 

Your bespoke pack of Havre De Luxe Hardware Protectors includes: 
One clear handbag hardware protector, placement tabs, a free sample and a pack of our Applicator Assists, handpicked by our team. Please refer to the product images which show the protectors you will receive. 

Please note 

These are handbag hardware protectors© & not actual hardware. Our protectors are designed to be used on the 'standard' hardware as shown in the product images. If your accessories hardware is coloured, enamel or any other design, we welcome you to get in touch with us regarding suitability before purchasing or using. We do not recommend using our protectors on hardware which is already scratched & damaged, if you are worried about suitability, please get in touch with a photo of your hardware. Designed and created in  the UK, any brand / style name is for identification purposes only. Our products are not endorsed by nor do they have any affiliation with the brand

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